The history of writing the “Final Countdown” by Europe

January 21, 2019

This song was very popular in Europe and influenced many bands. Although the track itself was released in 1986, its history began much earlier with the famous synthesizer riff. Read about the history of creating the “Final Countdown.”

Synthesizers in the “Final Countdown” by Europe

There are a lot of rumors about writing this riff. In fact, it is precisely known that Joey consciously played this riff on the synthesizer back in 1982. It often happens that in a song written on the basis of a riff, there is nothing good except this riff. But here everything turned out organically and with glory. The funny thing is that the keyboard player Mick Michaeli mixed two sounds (from the Yamaha and Roland synthesizers) while recording, and later could not get exactly the same sound. Listen to free mp3 songs to feel the energy of the track.

The history of writing

Guitarist John Norum was already disappointed about the appearance of a keyboard player in the band. Having heard such a disco melody, he protested at all against the release of “Final Countdown” as a single. However, Joey Tempest with the support of CBS insisted on the “Final Countdown.” This was no mistake, and in 1986, the single “Final Countdown” was deafeningly a super hit. It took the 8th place in the US charts with over eight million copies sold. This was the challenge for CBS. After ABBA, there was no such success for the Swedish band, even if it was singing in English. The text of the “Final Countdown” was not so gloomy, but also quite dramatic and not at all hilarious, as it might seem.